• The Honor Empire

    We are a mix of casual and dedicated players with varied interests including adventuring, designing and building new scenes. We are always on the lookout for new helpful and friendly players. We favor mature and social individuals (see guidelines). We are a small guild with the majority of members in North America (EST/CST/MST/PST).

    Located on Serenity - Sleeping Ridge (SE)

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      • On Tues‌day, Febr‌uary ‌21, 20‌17 at 4:0‌0PM PS‌T Landmark game servers will close.

        Starting immediately, Landmark will no longer be available for purchase. All items in the Markeplace with a Daybreak Cash price will have their price reduced to 1DBC.

        Additionally, Player Studio items will no longer be available for listing or purchase in the Landmark Marketplace.

        For additional information regarding this announcement, please see the Landmark website.

        Daybreak Game Company LLC


      • Whether it has been recently (Georges St. Pierre) or those that have been with us from earliest days (Wolf and Martok)....we have adventured across many a land, world, galaxy and universe.  Together we have shared victories and defeats, laughter and heated conversations, births of children and deaths of brethren.    No matter what the challenge though we faced them with great vigor and have accomplished what many never come close to.....building an everlasting guild of friends.....a new age family.   A combination of many approaches to game play; from the righteous to the dark forces always finding the place that we could rally around....true commitment to each other in whatever the challenge.   A strong and unbreakable bond that reaches beyond the pixels and cables to the real world where we meet and maintain friendships across the years.   I am so very lucky and feel greatly fortunate to have met all of you and to this day call you friend regardless of how long it has been since we adventured in-game or spoke in chat.   While the time still moves forward and memories may begin to fade; it always has been our hope that this website would be home for you to record those memories in pictures or stories so they would not be lost to the ages and vapors of time.  

        As this memo reaches all of you I hope you enjoy a moment of reflection on a great memory and time together.   Many game engines failed or fell to the ages of time and technology.  BUT....There are many more to come as the engines of adventure keep moving forward.  Even in our first world of adventure Ultima Online, PGoH still stands and maintains protection of Trinsic....to the CLAN SKULLCRUSHER, the great horde power within Argent Dawn Azeroth...amongst the stars of the Old Republic still some guardians still stand in VIGILANCE.   Now the Empire builds a new home for adventures within the walls of Honor Hold, a city in Shroud of the Avatar we actually own and manage.   The Honor...
      • Having trouble with getting the Discord Overlay feature to work in Windows?

        1. Right click on your discord exe and change the compatibility settings - set to run as administrator
        2. Right click on your game exe (E.G. For SoTA, right click on ShroudOfTheAvatar.exe) and change the compatibility settings - set to run as administrator
        3. Make sure overlay in your discord app is enabled for your game. This can be found under settings (see this youtube video).

        You'll now see the discord logo in game. The default hot key to access the discord menu in game is SHIFT + `. Modify your discord settings to your preferences (E.G. Small Avatar Size, Only display when talking, etc). Move the discord icon as needed. Enjoy!

        Edit: Moved to global news

      • To our illustrious Trailblazers,

        You’ve made your mark in game. Now it’s time to make a permanent mark symbolizing your contributions by adding your name to the Landmark credits!

        To be eligible to get your name in the credits, you must have purchased a Trailblazer Founder’s Pack (redeeming one of the sharable buddy keys from the pack does not count).

        In order for your name to be displayed in our list, you must opt-in. Names are not automatically included. To add your name to the Landmark credits, please click here.

        You’ll need to log in to the account on which you bought your Trailblazer pack.